Backstab Now!

Backstab gives you a simple way to control who can see your Plurk post. Instead of only choose who can see your Plurk when posting, now you can explicitly choose those user you want to exclude from.

Problems with Plurk's Whisper

Plurk released a feature called Anonymous Plurk (Whisper) recently. When you posted your Plurk by using this feature, the Plurk will be anonymous...theoretically. In fact, we often find that we could figure out who posted that anonymous by observe the users who responeded to that Plurk, and compare that to our friend's friend / fan list.

In the other hand, anonymous Plurk cannot be a private Plurk, which means all user that on your friend list, will be able to see that Plurk -- if you are complain about your boss, your boss will see that Plurk too.

Based on this two reason, anonymous Plurk is quite restrictive, and it's not really anonymous unless you disabled comments.

What is Backstab on Plurk

Backstab on Plurk is a website that let you post your Plurk by not only choose who can see your post, but also explicitly excluded those user you don't want them to see your Plurk

Social network service is use heavily today, but sometimes you will have some delima -- should you reject your boss's friend request? If I rejected it, will there be any negative impact on my job? What if I want complain about him but without let him know it?

Most of SNS solve this by provides you a way to control who can see your post when you posting something. But only in one way -- choose who can see it.

Backstab on Plurk offers another way to control who can see your Plurk post, you could selected who cannot see your Plurks too!

For example, if you have a Plurk clique named Office, and your boss is in that list, by using Backstab on Plurk, you could choose Office as your private Plurk's receiver, but excluded your boss from it at same time.